Insomnia – Can It Be Helped?

Insomnia is an extremely common problem, particularity in the increasingly stressful environment that people have with the financial situation and all the problems going on in the world today.  People are over stressed.  There are problems falling asleep at the beginning of the night, which is called sleep onset insomnia, and problems in the middle of the night which is called sleep maintenance insomnia and some people  have a combination of both problems.

Insomnia is due to a hyperactive state of the brain.  The brain is hyperactive both during the daytime and at night, but it manifests as insomnia at night when you are trying to sleep.  In order to decrease the hyperactive state you need to have a wind down period before trying to go to sleep.  Although you can’t make yourself fall asleep, it is helpful to have a more relaxed state of mind and that may require a certain wind down period.

Meditation, relaxation tapes, and certain other techniques would help some people have a better nights sleep:

  • Have a regular bedtime and a regular wake time so you can help regulate your body clock.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages after lunchtime
  • Alcohol although it helps you fall asleep, there is a rebound affect and when the alcohol wears off it actually causes you to wake up.
  • Avoiding nicotine is also important because nicotine is a stimulant and also avoiding looking at the clock throughout the night.

Some people actually associate the bedroom with anxiety because of their fear of insomnia. They are not looking forward to going to bed because they are concerned that they are going to be up all night. Since not falling asleep can cause anxiety, do not stay in bed for prolonged periods if you’re unable to sleep.  Sometimes its best to get out of bed and do something that is relaxing.