Is there anything you can do to stop snoring?

Anything that can increase airflow and open up the airway from the nose to the back of the throat can help with snoring.  If you have nasal congestion and you can treat it with decongestants and open up the nasal passages, that will decrease snoring and that is why Breathe Right Strips can be very helpful. Nasal steroids, and treatment of allergies can be very beneficial in people who snore.  If somebody is overweight that contributes to snoring and sleep apnea because the fatty tissue in the neck area presses against the trachea. That’s why losing weight can be very beneficial in helping decrease snoring as well as sleep apnea.

If you drink alcohol or take other sedatives,  that relaxes the muscles and causes more snoring – that is why people snore more on the nights when they’ve had alcoholic beverages.  If you take any kind of tranquilizers or sedatives that will relax the upper airway muscles also contributing to snoring and sleep apnea.